Wait? What is this blog about again?

I started Oily Mud as a blog about the intersection between art and science, but it is clear, after first whittling the postings down into quotes, then not posting at all for a month, that the scope – though interesting – is too narrow for me to constantly be researching alongside my coursework. With that in mind, I’m making this one of those hopefully not-overly-self-indulgent artist’s blogs. I will still cover, as much as I can, the junction between art and science, but unfortunately for those who don’t like politics a lot of my political views are going to start cropping up in art posts because my art is overtly political.

What goes up here will be driven by my studies as much as my interests. Some of it will be my art. Feels weird. I wanted this blog to be something quite different, but I clearly can’t manage that right now.

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