Traer Scott’s Natural History series is lovely

A friend shared this on Facebook and I think it’s a lovely series. It’s easy to relate to how it arose, a little good fortune, and the willingness Traer Scott had to push this little incident forward into something that is ultimately artistic. I love the curiosity on people’s faces, and it reminds me of standing in Te Papa with one my dearest friends trying to recognise what kind of small whale was stuffed and hanging in a display before us. This is a kind of uplifting art I love to see, and it’s also portraiture, a subject I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.


“During the summers of her ninth and tenth years, Traer Scott accompanied her mother to their hometown natural history museum where her mother volunteered. In lieu of a babysitter, the two stayed there all day, every day, spending very long, solitary weeks communing with the museum’s animals–both living and dead–as well as rummaging through the museum’s disheveled collection of mite-riddled, century-old periodicals and books.

Years later in 2008, during a visit to the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Scott “accidentally” created an intriguing image while taking snapshots of their dioramas. Reflections of her husband, inadvertently rendered in the glass and framed behind a large ostrich, gave her pause. She then began to frequent diorama exhibits around the country aiming at capturing these unexpected visual narratives.”

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