A first quote for the year…

One of the upsides to postmodernism was that it attracted many to the topic of philosophy, but the downside was that by and large what they got was an emasculated, subjective, uncritical kind of philosophy. I am continually amazed at what counts as “criticism” in critical studies. Going by the talks I have attended, it consists in saying of a given view that it is “problematic” or “flawed”. […]

Postmodernism always seemed to me to be a kind of epistemic nihilism. It’s much easier to reject claims to knowledge that you object to if you can claim that there is no knowledge, just power and economics. How we know that, ironically, is not usually discussed by the postmodernists.

Still, people seem to be slowly freeing themselves from the excesses of the postmodern revolution, and well they should of a movement that was started by architects and literary scholars. There are more things on heaven and earth than are dreamt of in building design and literary criticism.

– John S Wilkins, Is postmodernism retreating? (honorable mention to one of the comments: “Postmodernists never retreat, they merely advance in a different and equally valid direction.”)

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