Snaps of my stuff that was in Matchbox Gallery’s Fast and Keen exhibit.

Matchbox Studios recently put up some photos of the little exhibition I had stuff in, Fast & Keen. I had hoped there would be more photos of the works, as I didn’t take any of my own, but I’ve learned a new lesson about galleries: Go in and take your own photos. Judging from the end results the gallery photographer (who was very nice) was less interested in representing the show, and more interested in snapping unfocused wine glasses. It’s a reminder that art openings are, perhaps, not about art. Still it was a great show, and a nice night, even after the show when I snuck off with some friends to have Mexican(ish) food. Credit and much thanks to the gallery photographer, Izzie. I included some of the very graphic flower paintings by Rebecca Phillips that were also on display. They had a wonderful painterly sensitivity, mixed in with devout theological musings in the wall text.

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