Glazed Over…

DSCF0001One of the frustrating parts of working with clay is how slow the process can be, especially when you’re still learning. It has taken over three months to get to our first glost firing. Let me define that jargon for you quickly: Pottery pieces usually undergo two separate firings. The first firing is a bisque firing, which makes the clay strong enough to handle the glazing process, and gets any major warping out of the way. The second firing is the glost firing, which hardens the clay further, and processes any glazes you might have applied. It’s fun to think that I went from lumps of paper clay like the ones pictured to (soon) fully finished pieces. Here they are, ready for the final kiln load.

The colours of the glazes pre-firing are very misleading. The “brick red” colours are actually combination of “Temoku Gold” and “Sage” (top and left below respectively). The white is “Matte White” (I suspect actually Glossy White, bottom centre) on the brick works. There is a large squirt of Matte Satin Blue (bottom right) over the head and shoulders of the male figure. I’m curious how these glazes will interact, but I’m low on time and taking a risk. The clay that I have left bare will fire up to much darker, richer terracotta.


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