We Come in Peace

“We Come in Peace”, Matty Smith, 2004, pen on paper.

Oily Mud grew out of a frustration with post-modernist art criticism. Oily Mud was initially about how useful science can be to art, not just as a subject of inspiration, but because the scientific method shares some features with good critical methods (though I would never conflate the two, science and art criticism are two big and vastly different fields as well). As time (and my coursework) wore on, I realised this was not going to work out. I did not have time or inclination to adopt a whole independent (if casual and unscholarly) research programme not directly tied to my work. For Oily Mud to survive, I was going to have to stop worrying – in an ironically self-indulgent way – that having a public personal blog, a blog about my thoughts and practice, was going to end up too self-indulgent. So here it is. This is, now, the personal art-themed blog of Matty Smith, an art student from New Zealand. I hope you enjoy your visit.


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