Other Artists

Window Studio by Anne Lafond – Lafond’s project here was a major inspiration to forming Windy Studio, as you can probably tell by the name.

Never Masturbate In The Morning by Hannah Beattie – Beattie is a year above me in school, paints beautifully, and runs this funny and vulnerable blog that, somehow, does angst without being too angsty.

Franky Quinn by Franky Quinn – Animations dealing in childhood angst, particularly around sexuality and the puritanical ideas surrounding childhood innocence. Interesting themes to compare with children’s literature.

General Art Blogs

Colossal – Colossal seems to be a go-to blog for a lot of young artists and designers. I find it a real mixed bag, promoting some of the most exciting pieces of art, and a lot of depressingly empty pieces too. Either way, it’s worth a daily browse.

Underpaintings – A wonderful and regular blog by Matthew D. Innis that covers representational painting.


The World Socialist Website – The largest and most theoretically consistent (barring some crazy articles by one Frank Brenner that obviously slipped through years ago) socialist news site. Now of 15 years old, the site is a great antidote to the cynical, revisionist reporting that often appears on mainstream news sites.

Art & Science

Art and Science Journal – A student run publication, both in print and online, out of Ottawa, Canada. This blog features artists who use science to inform their work, stressing the sense of wonder that both science and art can provoke.

NPR – Where Science Meets Art – US National Public Radio’s coverage of the intersections between science and art. A wide variety of fun listening.

Evolving Thoughts: Basic Concepts – For several years philosopher of science John S Wilkins collected clearly-written and accessible posts on basic scientific concepts. This list is a great beginning resource for artists interested in science. Evolving Thoughts is/was a great blog in general – currently it is suspended.

Sciblogs – Is a group of New Zealand science bloggers established by the Science Media Centre of NZ. Blogs range across the sciences and social sciences.


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