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Glazed Over…

One of the frustrating parts of working with clay is how slow the process can be, especially when you’re still learning. It has taken over three months to get to our first glost firing. Let me define that jargon for … Continue reading

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Clay Play

Lately my classmate, Angela Fisk, and I have been having a lot of fun learning to use clay. I did a lot of pottery as a teenager, and it’s just filled me with joy watching Angela fall in love with … Continue reading

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Some Massey Art Students’ Work, Semester One, 2014

Lots of my classmates have been hard at work making interesting stuff. For finals I snapped photos of some of the work on display, quickly checking that people were cool with me popping the work up on my blog. I … Continue reading

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Painting: Brickwork #1

Brickwork Series: Brickwork #1 – Brickwork #2 – Brickwork #3 – Brickwork #4 I started this by writing a big long treatise on the present political situation and how it relates to making art with a political intent, but thought … Continue reading

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Starting my Engine Room internship

Today I began my internship paper, helping out at The Engine Room, which I’m trying to treat as seriously as if it were my job for the year. I want to be “on-call” for it, and really dig in. I … Continue reading

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Painting and Mushrooms

The beginning of my Introductory Painting paper was, as so often seems to be the case with the starts of my semesters, a mess. A family death that affected me probably more than I had a right to be affected … Continue reading

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