Windy Studio


Windy Studio is a pop-up studio outside (and sometimes in) 26 Wallace Street, Mount Cook, Wellington, in New Zealand. New Zealand, for those not aware, is a small country made of two major islands which sits in the sea between Australia and Antarctica. The country’s precolonial name is Aotearoa, and the first people to settle here were a Polynesian group calling themselves Maori and tangata whenua (people of the land), eventually followed by European colonists, and nowadays a big cultural melting pot with all the fun and controversy that entails. The whole idea of Windy Studio is take art out to real, working people – for people to engage with art outside of the snobby dealer-gallery environment, and to let people voice their artistic concerns direct to an aspiring artist’s face.

Windy Studio was inspired by Anne Lafond’s Window Studio project in Brooklyn, New York, which has very similar – I thought inspiring – goals. I chose to call the project “Windy” because Wellington sits on the shores of a strait that passes between our two major islands, the North Island and the South Island. We always preface these names with the definite article: the North Island and the South Island. The wind is always blowing here, on sunny days and during the colder ones. It is a blustery place which poses its own unique challenges – for example the wind is very happy to pluck any paper or canvas I’m using away every chance I give it. I love it when people stop by, or get in touch.

Matty Smith –


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